An App For That

The poster boy for the quantified self movement is none other than the cofounder of an online real estate website with an app for that.
And the question this begs?  The quantified selfers use apps for everything from tracking numbers of hours slept, daily intake of berries and other super foods, the quantity of time spent with children and available homes for sale or sold,  believing that measurement means improvement.

Certainly in the real estate industry, various websites that are available to the unlicensed consumer give the selfer every chance to research neighborhoods, homes for sale and solds, price per square foot, etc.  There are apps for that.  However,
in the real estate industry, the measurements are merely numbers and even the industry appraisers know that there is no app for the unmeasurable qualities that lead a home from a for sale status to sold.  Often appraisers will call for information from brokers that have a recent sold in their inventory seeking facts that cannot be measured by a mere app.  Disappointing news for the buyer selfers out there as many times they make their own search tedious and cumbersome and miss out on some of the best real estate purchases available to them.

Begs the question, how do you find the best real estate purchases available if there is no app for that?  Enter into an agency relationship with a licensed real estate broker that is a member of the board and has not the app but the apptitude for the industry.  There is no app that measures client trust or fiduciary responsibility.  When a realtor enters into a client agreement, the specific duties are lined out in the agency contract, very measurable.  What is not measurable is the difference between on-line and personal customer service.  Will the website network with an office of top producing brokers to find out the details of quiet listings, coming to market soon listings or the "field of dreams" listings?  Does the website preview listings and attend broker open house events for updated knowledge on market availability?  Does the website attend continuing education courses on current Colorado Real Estate contracts, disclosures, and basic real estate law?  There is no app for the duties perfromed for a client by a realtor, just as there is no app for the quality versus quantity of time you spend with your children. 

Before you begin your search, to either sell or buy one of the bigger assets in an investment portfolio, trust the realtor not the app.

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posted: February 25, 2013 - Judy's Denver - Blog
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