Dolce Vita Denver

Ahhh... eating a Palisade, Colorado peach, listening to Spotify from my live/work place of happy...a bit of the sweet life!  

Denver is known for craft beer and high altitude breathing, but once the end of July appears on the calendar the Farmer's Markets abound in the area.  To enjoy the peaches from the Western slope, field grown tomatoes from Longmont, cantalope from Rocky Ford and fresh corn from Olathe check out these markets.

Cherry Creek hosts a Wednesday and Saturday morning Farmer's Market, Sunday is the day for South Pearl Street and City Park Esplanade Fresh Markets.  Stapleton added a new market for Thursday and the regular Sunday market.  There are also markets in Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder and Castle Rock!  Who knew?  We did of course, well we of the Mile Hi Modern Team.  

Having joined the Mile Hi Modern Team of  LIV Sotheby's International Realty, it became apparent that we make it our business to know what is hip and cool in metro Denver...we didn't establish the moniker The Coolest Homes In Town on a wish and a whim.

We have a team with age ranges from millenial to baby boomer, experience from New York City's Corcoran Sunshine group to North Creek to North Denver development to the premier broker for Hilltop.  We are the go-to team for all your real estate needs!  We are one team with several websites:
www.Mile Hi
www.The Coolest Homes In
www.LIV Sotheby's

Very little is needed to make a happy life.  Contact Judy Fahrenkrog to guide you on the path to the lifestyle you deserve.  Judy specializes in lifestyle change and life transitions.  Now is the time to make a change and live the good life..a #Dolce Vita kind of life.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Mile Hi Modern and Liv Sotheby's International Realty
255 Clayton St
Denver, CO 80206
303-888-4760 posted: July 27, 2016
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Mile Hi Modern

Living the Life again...Judy Fahrenkrog has joined the
Mile Hi Modern Team at LIV Sotheby's International Realty.  The office is located in Cherry Creek North, her live work zip code 80206!

Joining the exceptional Brand of Mile Hi Modern allows Judy to specialize in her own neighborhood and facilitate change for Buyers and Sellers from the neighborhoods she has lived!  As a  4th generation Denverite, Judy has lived or worked in most of the 57 zip codes of Denver County, not to mention the 16 years living and working in Castle Pines Village.  She knows how to navigate through change and make changes. 

Contact Judy Fahrenkrog to learn about Mile Hi Modern,
The Coolest Homes In Town.  We are one team with several websites.

We are located at 255 Clayton St, Denver 80206 with our own cannot miss the etched glass with
Mile Hi Modern across the front. Stop in and enjoy our lounge and atmosphere, we are not only the coolest homes in town but definitey the cooest office in town.

Judy Fahrenkrog
Mile Hi Modern Team
LIV Sotheby's International Realty posted: July 25, 2016
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SOLD by JudysDenver

The incredible listing at 333 Josephine St in Cherry Creek North with approxiamately 900 square feet of commercial zoning on the main level and 4 (count them) parking places is sold and closed.  Right folks....another great opportunity has slipped away.

The townhome was the perfect combination of real estate perfection.  The main level with commercial zoning can be leased for a small office, there are no small office leases in Cherry Creek right now.  This particular unit also has a newly finished basement with temperature controlled wine room and an extra bedroom and bath.  With the extra square footage the total for the townhome is 4515 finished square feet.

Needless to say, it over A LOT!  Sellers are happy, Denver boasts an increase in values at 40 % this sale went higher than A LOT!  

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Denver area, do give me a call.  As a fourth generation native, I have lived in most of the communities where I choose to specialize.  There are incredible opportunities out there, you need a professional to navigate....afterall, the CEO of Zillow,
Spencer Rascoff's home just sold for 40 % less than the Zestimate from Zillow...a major Zestmiss!  He can afford to take the hit, but can you?

For more information contact me at
Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489  posted: June 11, 2016
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Cherry Creek Love

Spring is in the air and Cherry Creek is in full bloom parading the neighborhood with new love and the long awaited opening of the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market!  This May to October affair brings vendors from all over the state promoting healthy living under colorful umbrellas.  The early May venues sell from the prepared food trucks and bakery stalls, with a small number of the pure "farmer" stands due to the time of year.  However, overheard many a question such as...
Do you have the Zucchini flowers?  A bit hard to harvest the canary yellow trumpet blossom off the zucchini in May.  Hard to believe the memory was snowing two weeks ago!
This is a harsh reality for many of our new Denver residents, 
the local produce will be available mid to late July.. lack of inventory.  Trust the Farmer, the red tomato in the bin is not  field home grown and don't even think Olathe corn yet..lack of inventory.

Speaking of lack of inventory, another harsh reality in the Denver urban market is the current drought on really cool real estate for purchase, it is the spring farmer's market.  If you are navigating your home search on the internet, you will find a lack of inventory because the great, great properties are usually under contract prior to the entry into the MLS...aka Internet.  Trying to use Zillow as your pocket spy for that stellar piece of real estate is akin to staring endlessly at the zucchini field for that burst of yellow on the bloom.  Trust the farmer, and trust the Realtor.

If you are interested in finding what is available for sale but not listed on the market in the Denver area, contact me at 
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: May 21, 2016
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Fifty Shades Of

Mr. Gray I presume?  No, no wait it's May, that Gray.  Yes, all you newbies to the state that brags 360 days of sunshine, the merry month of May is very grey, gray.

Begs the question is it spelled gray or grey?  Yes, both are correct another nuance of the English language just as the weather in Colorado is a bit of a nuance.  This gray, cloudy, drizzly weather is not typical of a May in Colorado but not atypical could be white and snowing!  So you say that you would rather forgo the balmy days of the February thaw for more springtime weather in May?  No you would not, winter is winter in Colorado so appreciate the days that you can thaw.  Come on people....Denver is a mile high...the altitude is 5280 above sea level ....mountain desert type...
which is why you moved here.  Let's enjoy these gray days and reflect on the endless reasons why you did move to Denver, the first I am guessing is for the weather.

If you did not move here for the weather or the various outdoor activities, you may have moved to Denver for the urban scene.  Denver has gone from a nice city in a nice state to the singular rock star status of ...Denver!  You do not even have to say Colorado anymore...people just get it.

The Denver scene includes major new and trendy artisan or farm to table restaurants and ethnic cuisine.  Perfect spots for a rainy day and Monday.  The Denver scene also includes theatre options, the Denver Center for Performing Arts and many neighborhood theatre groups and venues that perform amazing productions with local talent.  The Denver scene also includes jazz clubs, comedy clubs, and cabarets with local and international talent.  Nothing will lift the gloom and doom spirit better than a bit of spirit from one of the many local craft beer joints or a locally branded whiskey bar.  You will find it all in one location...Denver!

Call me for more information on the indoor activites Denver has to offer in the various neighborhoods.  Denver now has various neighborhoods branded for the type of activity that will motivate the May!

Judy Fahrenkrog

   posted: May 16, 2016
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posted: May 5, 2016
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Under Contract!

Say it isn't so, you say....but it remains true.  In this incredibly challenging market with multiple offers, NOT IN MLS sales, and circuitous lending obstacles, working without a Realtor on your side as a Buyer or a Seller is bad advice...even if it is from your dear old Mother.

Case in point,  333 Josephine St #2 in the coveted and prestigious Cherry Creek North area, is under contract and most Buyers missed out on the opportunity going forward for owning 4515 finished square feet, 4 parking spaces, and 899 finished square feet that is zoned for Commercial leasing...yes leasing!  Investors....hmmm, you know the old saying about snoozing!  This luxury townhome with 11 foot ceilings and 21 feet in room widths is a fraction of the per square foot cost of the competition...250 Columbine sold for a minimum $750 psf with one-two parking spaces, low ceiling heights, and it is only one block away!  

The Cherry Creek North area, increasing in values daily, will soon have three new luxury hotels multi-use office, retail and residential combos, top chef signature restaurants, toney shops, watering holes...what is not to love, or better yet, what is not to invest in!  But hurry, the developers are scrambling for available land so the competition will be increasingly tough.

If you are interersted in more information on Cherry Creek or other fabulous communities in and around Denver, give me a call.  As a 4th generation native, I know Denver and Denver knows me!

For more information contact me at:

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-888-4760 posted: May 5, 2016
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"Travel By Train"

Westward Ho the wagon Denver and it's expanded and rennovated Union Station!  According to the Sunday, May1 New York Times, Denver's Union Station is its "Living Room" and is the hub hub of this dynamic city that is topping the charts in every category from fastest growing metropolis to best place to live on the continent.
The transition from a run down Amtrak station to a chic conglomeration of artisanl style restaurants, craft beer spots, unique shops, iconic bookstores, boutique hotel and elegant cocktail lounges in harmony with a major rail line is nearing completion.  The light rail service, known as the University of Colorado A Line, opened last week and will service travelers to and fro Denver's International Airport, DIA. Running every 15 minutes. The renovation of the 1914 vintage Union Station is accoriding to the NYTimes...impressive!

The 12,000 square foot lobby is coplete with Beaux-ARts reproduction chandeliers hung from 65 foot high ceilings all visible from The Cooper Lounge, an elegant cocktail lounge with signature cocktails and overstuffed chairs.  The reservation required lounge is the trendiest spot in the city for the expanding moving and shaking it up in the Queen city.
It is contiguous to the Crawford Hotel, 112 rooms with railroad and  vintage themes.  The Terminal Bar serves Colorado crafted beers from the original ticket windows.  Even if you are not travelling by train, plane or automobile, Union Station is a gathering place for residents and visitors.
It is located a few blocks from Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies and a few blocks the other direction from the arena for  the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets.

Did I mention that it is also located directly across the street from my office at Kentwood City Properties?  Come on down and join me for a quick lunch at the Mercantile or cocktails at the Cooper after we browse the Tattered Cover bookstore or pick up a quick posy at Bloom.  As a fourth generation true native, legacy to several Colorado Hall of Famers and overall trender of Denver, I will show you where to go, where to live and how to enjoy life at a Mile High.
Contact me at :

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: May 1, 2016
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The Denver Nightingale

Long the symbol for poets and bards from a variety of ages, the nightingale is so named because they frequently sing at night and during the day but more noticeable at night because of the lack of competitive bird song.  The nocturnal lament is predictably from a single male nightingale trying to attract a mate and it is sung more loudly in urban environments.  Thus, the nickname for one of Denver's more colorful recording artists and a recent inductee in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame,  Billy Murray.  He had a strong tenor voice but his delivery was unique for that error; more conversational and filled with humor for his comedy and novelty song recordings...such as K-K-K-Katy.  Many of his well known recordings are familiar today.
 "Alexander's Ragtime Band"  "Dixie"  "Over There"
"You're a Grand Old Flag"  "Oh, You Beautiful Doll"
"In The Good Old Summer Time"   "Pretty Baby"
"Yankee Doodle Boy"  "Tipperary"

While Billy Murray spent his early years growing up in Denver when Denver was in its infancy.  Eventhough he left Denver for Vaudeville and to become a pioneer in the recording industry, many of his relatives remained including his favorite nephew, Frank Meredith Hickey with whom he indulged in a shared love of baseball.  Frank went on to be inducted into the Denver East High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

The  Denver Nightingale's career began around 1903, soared in the 20's and 30's, making his last recording in the 40's.  He remained in the New York City area for his career, yet, Colorado and Denver chose to remember, honor and recognize him as one of our best,  another reason to want to live and breath the rocky mountain air!

For more information on other inductees in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame or to check out all the wonderful places to live in this glorious city contact me at
 I am a fourth generation Denverite, a great,great niece of the Denver Nightingale and a Realtor for over 30 years.  I have lived in the Park Hill, Hilltop, Denver Country Club, Cherry Creek North communities and have lived as far south as Castle Pines Village.  This is #judysdenver!

Judy Fahrenkrog
Kentwood City Properties
303-820-2489 posted: April 17, 2016
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Spring Ahead Open House 333 Josephine St #2

Please Stop by and see this gorgeous home! Today! posted: March 13, 2016
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